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Cutlery and collections of objects for the table and the kitchen. Italian design, quality and timeless style, characterize sambonet.

Sambonet is the world leader in the manufacture of cutlery and crockery in stainless steel, silver stainless steel and mallet available in both classic and modern designs. Particular attention has always been paid to maintaining a high level of product quality, to details in craft finishes and to the constant desire to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation.

Even if the first design project by Sambonet dates back to 1932 it was from the 1960s that the company achieved a series of successes thanks to great designers like Roberto Sambonet. Cutlery and art collections from the table, both extremely innovative, sophisticated and functional, have led the company to open up to design.

Sambonet combines with its range of table art a line dedicated to the world of cooking, characterized by a young and dynamic style, as well as a precious selection of extremely luxurious objects. Italian design and timeless style are the common denominator of all its brands.



Sambonet’s excellent production, between technological research and artisanal care with the new Tailor Made project. The brand’s state-of-the-art technology at the service of those who want to express their personality at the table! 

Live a haute couture, emotional and trendy experience with very high quality cutlery, Made in Italy, tailor-made to meet the needs of those who like to offer or afford exclusive items.

​Enjoy a wide choice of models with modern charm, classic or more design oriented.


Shiny, silver, Vintage or Antique finishes, matched to fascinating hues thanks to futuristic PVD technology.

Finally, engraving a logo to add a detail of style, a monogram to bring a touch of personality or a date to inscribe in time an unforgettable moment.



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