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This page of the site concerns our cookie management policy on our website

This page allows you to learn more about your rights as well as about the origin and use of the browsing information processed during the visit to the website

     I . What do we mean by COOKIE?

When browsing the GALERIE DES LYONS website, subject to your choices, we may have to file a text file (.txt) through your navigation software. This is valid regardless of the navigation tool used, desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and/or tablet).

We characterize this cookie text file. This allows the GALERIE DES LYONS, for a predetermined period of validity or registration of the cookie, to identify your connection terminal during your visits.

The information contained in a cookie cannot be read and/or modified by a third party other than its issuer.

     II. Why do we use cookies on our website and what are they for?

As planned, several categories of cookies exist on the Internet as well as on the GALERIE DES LYONS website.

Some cookies are issued directly by GALERIE DES LYONS while others are issued by third-party companies.

     III. Typology of cookies

     III. 1. "Essential" cookies

These cookies are essential to the proper functioning of our site as well as to the smooth running of your browsing. They are used to guarantee the various possible interactions with our site as well as the ordering process.

If, because of your settings and preferences for managing cookies, you decide to delete them, some features inherent in the proper functioning of our website may not work anymore.

Moreover, these cookies guarantee the proper monitoring of the statistics of the GALERIE DES LYONS website.

The 'indispensable' cookies can be installed on your navigation tool (your terminal) by the GALERIE DES LYONS or its partners and service providers.

     III. 2. Personalised and analytical cookies

These cookies are not essential to guarantee your browsing of the site and the possibility to benefit from the full functionality of the website Nevertheless, they are used to facilitate your search and optimize your shopping path. Moreover, these cookies allow the GALERIE DES LYONS to better understand your expectations, to optimize the way we present our offer and, more generally, to improve the functioning of the site.

Cookies issued by partners, service providers or third-party companies

Cookies issued and used by third party partners, service providers or companies are subject to their privacy policies and are not essential for browsing the website

     III. 4. Cookies issued and used by third-party applications included in

Our site may use applications from third-party companies. These make it possible to share the content of the site of the GALERIE DES LYONS with other Internet users and or to bring to the knowledge of other Internet users the pages and articles consult and even your opinion about them. This is the type of application that social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter use, etc.

It is important to remember that these applications (buttons) allow these third-party companies to be able to identify you when browsing a site even if you do not use them during your browsing on It is enough that your account is active (open session) on your browsing tool (computer, tablet, smartphone...) with which you consult a site for this type of information to be exchanged.

It should therefore be remembered that we do not carry out any monitoring or collection of information from social networks regarding your browsing on our site or regarding the data they use and possess.

Since each social network has its own privacy policy, we invite you to consult them in order to better understand their use (in terms of advertising for example) and to be able to configure your custom preferences.

 IV. Setting and managing cookies on your browsing tool (computer, tablet, smartphone, ...)

     IV. 1. Setting and managing cookies on our website

The deposit of a cookie on your browsing tool depends on your will.

Since the website has been edited and published via Wix, the latter does not provide a tool or interface for managing your cookie preferences.  Nevertheless, you can configure your navigation software yourself or use dedicated tools for this purpose. This is particularly the case with Ghostery, which allows you to specify your preferences and choices regarding the storage of cookies on your browsing tool, simply and for free.

     IV. 2. Setting the management of cookies on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)

Each browser has a menu allowing you to customize your cookie management. You can thus accept or refuse the installation of cookies on your terminal.

By default, the browsers are configured in such a way that they accept the storage of cookies on your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. Nevertheless, you can choose that your browser offers you to systematically accept or refuse cookies related to the pages and content that you consult on the internet.

Please note that this type of intervention on your settings can have consequences on your user experience and internet browsing. This may even limit your access to certain services that require the use of cookies.

Thus, if you set your cookies or decide to delete cookies already saved, the GALERIE DES LYONS declines any responsibility for the consequences related to the impaired functioning of our services caused by the impossibility to deposit or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that you would have refused or deleted.

     IV. 3. Each browser proposes setting the management of cookies

If each navigation software is different (Chrome™, Firefox™, Internet Explorer™, Safari™, Opera™, Edge™) their configuration is often described in the help menu. We therefore invite you to read the latter in order to modify your wishes and requirements regarding the management of cookies.

Do not hesitate to consult the following links to facilitate the management of your cookies:

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