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Founded in 1986, the Galerie des Lyons is a family business, originally an art gallery, it has since diversified with the new generation represented by Benjamin des Lyons and Laure Mutti des Lyons. This young couple felt in love with the region of Puglia and decided to open a shop of decorative objects to highlight this Italian region through collections of tableware, lighting, household linen, carpets and home fragrances.

​The Galerie des Lyons works with local artists and craftsmen that transmit their art and know-how from generation to generation. The selected artists and craftsmen give a new breath to ceramics as well as a modern impetus to the traditions of Puglia. More than decorative objects, it is art, a part of tradition and history of Puglia to discover by visiting the Galerie des Lyons.

In addition to being a Gallery offering unique collections and pieces, it is also a showroom that puts the spotlight on «tailor-made» services in order to stick to the tastes and decorative inspirations of erveryone.

Having spent several years in the region of Puglia has allowed us to make beautiful encounters, the Galerie des Lyons is the fruit of these. Our will is to help them preserve their heritage and pass on their know-how. We collaborate with family structures and a historical foundation of the region.

The collections and articles presented at the Gallery des Lyons are a fine blend of history, traditions, poetry and modernity. As a guarantee of quality, all the materials used are premium quality and the vast majority of the items are handmade and on demand.

Our products are unique, timeless, ethical and eco-responsible, they tell a story and above all they respect the work of men and women. Production is always local and the objective is to preserve and develop employment in the area. To perpetuate a profession and participate actively in its transmission through actions to enhance the experience and training of the new generations.


She is the figurehead of the art of the Apulian ceramics. Enza, is the daughter of the very illustrious Master of Art Nicola Fasano. She was born in ceramics and nourished herself of this art until today , reaching that refinement that carries her with her husband Salvatore Santoro, to search for new shapes and games of colors while respecting the ancestral traditions of the ceramics of Grottaglie.

Her creations can be found in the most beautiful Masserie and luxury hotels in the region, as well as in  international decoration magazines.




Trained alongside his father Cosimo, from an early age he taught him the techniques of ceramic art in his studio. He then attended the Grottaglie Institute of Arts and the Florence Academy of Fine Arts. In Tuscany he deepened his technical knowledge by working for large Florentine workshops.

​From his age of 24 to 30 he also taught at the Grottaglie Institute of Arts. Since then he has taken over his father’s studio in which he gives life to light through his creations.

Behind this perfection there are years of research and centuries of tradition.



After a degree in archaeology and several years abroad, this self-taught ceramic has developed a unique and original style. Its “useless” ceramics reproduce everyday objects deprived of their function but charged with meaning, aestheticism and poetry. It is a protest against the unbridled consumption of our society, where what is considered necessary today is destined to become superfluous tomorrow.



In 2017 he is recognized as one of the best emerging ceramists in the world. His work is exhibited in numerous museums as well as in public and private collections in Italy, Europe, Asia and the United States.

The foundation brings together a centre for agricultural, craft and educational activities. An oasis of peace in the midst of olive groves and plantations that brings together the hotel industry with its guest rooms and table d'hôtes, textile with its weaving workshop created almost 100 years ago, biodynamic agriculture and training. 


The Foundation has received numerous awards, including the UNESCO Prize in 2010.



The foundation has its origins in cultural, social and political actions by five women who lived in the first half of the last century and dedicated their lives to others. The involvement and work of these pioneers led to the creation of the foundation in 1982.

Dr. Vranjes Firenze was created in Florence in 1983 from the passion of Dr Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist.

​The design of the bottles of the brand is inspired by Florentine architecture and more precisely "il Duomo"; a real jewel filled with precious and delicate perfumes.

​Dr. Vranjes Firenze will seduce you with moments of absolute pleasure, a harmonious blend of emotions and memories. Dr. Vranjes perfumes are real Madeleine de Proust.


Cutlery and collections of objects for the table and the kitchen. Italian design, quality and timeless style characterize Sambonet.

​Sambonet is the world leader in the manufacture of cutlery and crockery in stainless steel, silver stainless steel and mallet available in both classic and modern designs. Particular attention has always been paid to maintaining a high level of product quality, to details in craft finishes and to the constant desire to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation.

Even if the first design project by Sambonet dates back to 1932 it was from the 1960s that the company achieved a series of successes thanks to great designers like Roberto Sambonet. Cutlery and art collections from the table, both extremely innovative, sophisticated and functional, have led the company to open up to design.

Sambonet combines with its range of table art a line dedicated to the world of cooking, characterized by a young and dynamic style, as well as a precious selection of extremely luxurious objects. Italian design and timeless style are the common denominator of all its brands.


Découvrez des assiettes en porcelaine aux motifs riches et élégants ou encore une verrerie fine et raffinée fabriquée par des experts.


L'art de la table Versace Home c'est inviter toute la magie et l'excellence Italienne à votre table pour en faire des moments spéciaux.

Les ornements baroques, les motifs Medusa et les fines touches d'or des articles sont les témoins de la symbiose de la marque avec l'univers de l'excellence et du design à l'Italienne.

Créée à Milan en 1978, la société Gianni Versace S.r.l figure parmi les plus importantes Maisons de mode au niveau international et représente un symbole du luxe et du lifestyle Italien dans le monde entier.

Depuis 1997, Donatella Versace est à la tête de la direction artistique de la Maison.




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